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Let’s set the scene: you started your site a little bit ago, back when your idea was fresh and you were still finding your voice and footing within your niche. Now, you feel confident. You know who you are and how your content serves your audience. But, despite all this there’s something holding you back from seeing the growth you want, and you have the itching suspicion it’s your site’s look.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! It’s perfectly normal to outgrow your starting point, and it’s happened to me, too! Here’s how to figure out if you’re ready for a site rebrand.

1. Your branding feels a little off

Say when you first started out, you wanted to have a really clean, minimalist look. But now that you’ve found your voice, you’re finding content like your images are bold and robust. The end result: a disjointed brand that isn’t wrong just…off. In branding, cohesion is key, so if something sets off that little bell in your head that says “this isn’t quite right”, your readers might subconsciously notice it too.

2. Your target audience changed

I remember a few years ago, a client came to me confused by why her site wasn’t drawing in readers the way it used to — her bounce rate was through the roof. We spoke at length, until she finally revealed that when she started her site, she was single in a big city, whereas by the time I met her, she was engaged, had a baby, and was moving to the ‘burbs. Her audience had completely changed, but her site and brand hadn’t evolved with her, so her new audience was struggling to see her as an authority in what she was writing. With a new name, and site to match, she saw her readers spend more time on the site, and returning more often. Win!

3. Your conversion is low

Whether you’re an eCommerce site or blogger monetizing through ads, conversion matters. A lot. And if your site isn’t converting, it could be due to your UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design. Revamping your site with a new look designed by a professional with UX/UI experience can make a huge difference in your conversion numbers.

Hot tip: All the UX/UI of our themes have been designed with specific website archetypes in mind. While this doesn’t mean they are exclusive to those site-types, the designed for tag can help you make a decision if you’re browsing our theme shop.

4. Your biz model is evolving

Raise your hand if your biz model is exactly the same as when you launched. Nobody? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’ll say it again and again, evolving in business is a great thing. But, if the tools you use to share your biz with the world are static and stale, your growth may never get seen by the right people. If you find yourself launching a totally new type of product (e.g. if you’ve only sold downloadables, and are about to launch your first course), revamping your branding and site can help establish your authority so you can convert right from launch.

Considering rebranding your site? A Gadabout theme might inspire!

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