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Please read through the following carefully before submitting a support ticket. This will help you get the answers you need quickly, and ensure you send all necessary info so I can help you get your site up and looking like the demo!

  1. Check out the support docs first: We’re always adding more to our support docs, and your question might already be answered there!
  2. Make sure your site is healthy: If you have an older site, check the site health section of your Dashboard. If you have any items under site health that require attention (like a PHP update), reach out to your host to help resolve these!
  3. Rule out any plugin conflicts: Every time you add a new plugin to your site, you add new code and introduce new possibility for errors. If you’ve recently added new plugins and see a feature isn’t working, deactivate all plugins that weren’t included with your theme. You can the reactivate your additional plugins one-by-one to identify which plugin is causing the issue, and try to find a replacement or get support from the developer.
  4. Try Google: It’s possible your question isn’t theme specific, but rather related to WordPress or Kadence use in general. Googling may get you an answer faster.